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At Jemefy Technologies, we’re making the corporate social and responsible.
Our mission is to change the game by incorporating ESG into every action we take.

We don’t just talk about the environment, social issues and governance:
ESG is built into the fabric of our very business model. We essentially operate our business with organisations who prioritise people and planet as well as profit.




Environmentalsocial, and governance (ESG) criteria are a set of standards for a company to evaluate its performance holistically. ESG is for Jemefy the tool per excellence for calculating the worth of an investment or a company to acquire – this goes well beyond the merely financial. According to our values, financial performance should always be associated with positive impact on the following 3 areas:

Environmental the impact on the environment of the project in question, how it could transform the traditional industries.

Social how companies manage relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and communities.

Governance how a company makes its decisions, manages its objectives and tools, how it deals with its stakeholders and how it complies with the law and ethics.


Are you driven by making a difference?

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals with the potential to become experts in their field.
At Jemefy, you’ll have the opportunity to grow and be nurtured to make change.

We welcome applications from exceptional people all year round, even if there’s no advertised vacancies that matches your skills.
We create roles for the best people.

Partner up!

Are you looking for an investor to work in partnership with your startup or new venture?

Our investment criteria include:

First and foremost, a positive impact on Environment, Social relationships and Governance issues.

We prefer technologically sensitive, sustainable projects, preferably revolutionary.

We concentrate on the founders’ and leaders’ strength and development needs to reach full potential, become a gamechanger through high personal performance.

We support projects that create long term jobs on all responsibility levels.

We focus on companies and personalities that do match our core values at Jemefy.

At Jemefy, we are used to disrupt traditional markets with a completely new approach – does your project have this in its DNA?

We work with rigorous financial risk assessment policies – we do like to take risks in our approach, but do need to fully understand and analyse their implications both on the positive and negative spectrum.


Jemefy Technologies believes in doing the right thing, and we are always striving to be better.
If you have suggestions about how we can improve, send us an email.



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